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Lohmann Park

15 acres

south side of Thomas Paine school between Florida and Colorado

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Daily, dawn until dusk

Lohmann Park, established in 1963, is located on the south side of Thomas Paine School in Urbana. Parking is available next to the school, located to the north of Florida Avenue, just East of Philo Road.

Lohmann is now the home of a nine-hole Disc Golf Course open to the public. Disc golf is an inexpensive family sport played like ball golf, only using a flying disc instead of clubs and balls. A series of holes must be completed to finish the course. A hole is said to be completed when the disc comes to rest in the basket. Each throw of the disc is counted as a stroke, and the object is to acquire the fewest strokes.

This park also has a Cricket Pitch used by the U of I Club Cricket Team for practice and matches.


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