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Meadowbrook Prairie

South Urbana along Windsor Road and Race Street

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Daily dawn until dusk

Prairie was the dominant natural feature of Illinois before the settlers arrived. Since 1978, the Urbana Park District and countless volunteers have worked to re-create approximately 80 acres of Illinois native landscape. Visit this park in south Urbana along Windsor Road and Race Street, and explore and enjoy a part of Illinois natural history that has all but disappeared.

Stewardship Saturdays
Join us for a back-to-nature volunteer experience. Come dressed for the weather and be prepared to remove invasive plants. Call ahead to 384-4062 to let us know you will be coming. Dates and times can be found in the Program Guide.

Walker Grove This prairie savanna is a restoration in progress in the 15 southernmost acres of the park. In coming years, a thriving prairie and shrub-land habitat will establish among the eventually immense and wide-spreading oaks that are characteristic of a savanna grove. The Urbana Park District is excited to add this habitat to the re-established prairie and variety of planned gardens.


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