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Dog Park

10 acres

1501 E. Perkins Rd.

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Telephone: Registration questions 367-1544. General Dog Park Questions 344-9583

Daily dawn until dusk

The Urbana Park District Dog Park is a 10-acre space featuring a shaded area in the park’s center and lots of open meadow for running. Purchase one-year memberships at the Phillips Recreation Center.

Visitors may enter by paying a $5 admission fee at the park. Urbana Park District staff monitors the dog park regularly to ensure that park users are properly registered and identified. Users found without proper registration will be asked to leave and may forfeit any future park privileges.


Obtain the following information – it is required to complete your membership registration.

1. County registration form (or other proof of rabies vaccination) Current vaccination record from the vet (proof of distemper vaccination)

2. Pay the membership fee. Resident and nonresident rates apply. See the park district program catalog for information about resident and nonresident rates and the reciprocal agreement with Champaign Park District. Membership is for one calendar year (January-December). Fees are not pro-rated.

One dog (resident) $38 One dog (nonresident) $57 Each additional dog $6

3. Place the Dog Park ID tag on your dog’s collar. This tag must be present at all visits to the dog park and may be checked by district staff.

Daily Admission

Want to check out the dog park before purchasing your membership? Daily admission passes are available at the dog park. Sign the waiver and release form and place it along with your $5 in the envelope provided. All dog park rules apply to daily pass holders.

Dog Park Rules

1. The dog owner agrees to assume the full risk of any injuries, damages or loss connected with or associated with the use of the dog park. Owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs and may be subject to state laws and local ordinances concerning dangerous or vicious dogs.
2. All dogs must be current with required vaccination and be registered with the county.
3. Member dogs must wear both the Dog Park membership tag and county registration tag when in the park. Members must carry a photo ID with them and present upon request.
4. Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park. Member must have a leash at all times.
5. Dogs may not be left unattended or out of sight range or voice command. A member age 16 or older must be present at all times and is solely responsible for the actions of their dog(s).
6. Children must be at least 6 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the park.
7. Dogs that exhibit vicious, fierce, aggressive, or dangerous behavior are not permitted in the park. Excessive barking is strongly discouraged.
8. Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the park.
9. Dogs less than 4 months old are not permitted in the park.
10. Members must immediately pick up after their dog(s).
11. Food (people food, dog food or dog treats) is not allowed in the park.
12. Smoking is not permitted inside the dog park.
13. Members are limited to three dogs per visit.
14. Dogs, owners, and users creating a disturbance or violating posted rules must leave the dog park if requested by law enforcement personnel, park personnel, or their designated agents.


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