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Public Meetings

Meet the Board!

The Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners oversees the operation of the Urbana Park District. The five-member board is elected by the public and each member serves a six-year term.

Starting May 8, 2012, meetings of the Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners will take place at the Planning and Operations Office, 1011 E. Kerr Street, Urbana. The office is east of the intersection of University Avenue and Kerr Street.

Download the next board meeting agenda here.

UPD monthly board meetings are taped and broadcast on UPTV. See the program schedule here.

Michael Walker

Michael Walker / President

A native of Urbana, Michael Walker is a graduate of Urbana High School and the University of Illinois. After serving 4 years on the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee (UPDAC), he was first elected to the board of commissioners in 1983 and is now in his 4th term on the board. He is very proud of the park district's combination of formal recreational programs, natural areas and informal recreation opportunities that serves the life-long needs of all of Urbana's residents.

He is a frequent visitor to both Crystal Lake and Meadowbrook parks. A computer software specialist, Michael retired from the University of Illinois in 1998 to begin his own consulting business. He shares a vintage Urbana house with his wife, their two daughters, and two black labs.
mwwalker at

Nancy Delcomyn

Nancy Delcomyn / Vice President

Nancy has served on the Board of Commissioners since 1993. Prior to her election, she served on UPDAC, the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee. She became interested in serving on the board because of the excellent balance of parks, natural areas and recreation the District has achieved. She says that she wants taxpayers to "get the biggest bang for their buck", and works diligently with staff to budget for fantastic programs, parks and facilities. She is closely following the development of a Rails to Trails plan in Champaign County, and she keeps tabs on issues related to special recreation and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nancy is an avid gardener and needleworker.
nadelcomyn at

Deb Rugg

Deborah Rugg / Commissioner

Deborah Rugg has been a member of the Champaign Urbana community since 1971 and Urbana since 1985. Her professional training is in educational psychology (program evaluation) and has worked at the medical school and then at Carle Foundation with medical education programs. She has been active with the Girl Scouts on and off since Brownie years, as well as the local and state boards of the League of Women Voters.

She became an active volunteer with the Urbana Park District as a member of the UPDAC (UPD's Citizen Advisory Group) where she worked on a community survey and plans for a new, improved Crystal Lake Park Pool. She likes the range of parks in UPD from the preserves at Busey Woods and Meadowbrook to the neighborhood parks dotting the park district. She was appointed commissioner in June 2002 and elected in April 2003.
dcrugg at

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart / Commissioner

Bob Stewart was elected to his first term as commissioner in April 2007. Prior to his election he served on UPDAC for three years, the final year as UPDAC president.

Bob has been involved with parks and recreation for many years, having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Regional/Urban Planning from Iowa State University. Bob was an Edge-Scott Fire Protection District volunteer in the 1980s, and has volunteered as a girl scout co-leader.

bpstewart at

Meredith Blumthal

Meredith Blumthal / Commissioner

Meredith Blumthal became a member of the Champaign-Urbana community as a University of Illinois student in 1997. In 2000, she moved to Urbana and has been a resident since. In May 2010, Meredith was appointed to her first term as Urbana Park District commissioner.

Meredith's professional background is in horticulture and agricultural economics and she currently is the experiential learning coordinator, working with short-term study abroad programs in the Department of Agricultural & Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois. Meredith recognizes the public good which parks serve and the benefits to all age groups and is looking forward to serving the community.

Meredith is also active in the C-U One-to-One Mentoring Program. Meredith and her husband reside in West Urbana.
mrblumthal at

If you have trouble contacting any Commissioner, please call Tim Bartlett at 367-1536.

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The Urbana Park District Citizen Advisory Committee, or UPDAC, is made up of appointed representatives from throughout Urbana. Each member is chosen to represent his or her neighborhoods for a three year term. He or she brings concerns from various Urbana neightborhoods to the attention of Urbana Park District staff and the Board of Commissioners. This committee is one way the Urbana Park District helps meet community needs.

The larger group is also divided into several smaller working committees that deal with issues ranging from land use to building projects to programs. UPDAC's voice is considered with much weight when issues are up for discussion. Input from past UPDAC committees has been instrumental in shaping decisions the park district has made regarding park development and programs offered.

Meetings of the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee are on the fourth Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at 1011 E. Kerr Street, Urbana. The public is invited to attend. Download a meeting agenda here.

For more information about UPDAC, contact Ellen Kirsanoff at (217) 367-1536 or reach her by email:

Urbana Park District Advisory Committee 2013-14

  • Philip Anders
  • James Barkley
  • William Benton
  • Gary Bernstein
  • Lashaunda Cunningham
  • Caroline W. Donaldson
  • Gennifer Gilbert
  • Kim Gollings
  • Robert (Bob) Mandra
  • Becky Mead
  • Craig Miller
  • Elizabeth R. Pollock
  • Jim Spencer
  • Christy Uden

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