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Rent a Park

The Urbana Park District allows organizations to rent Meadowbrook Park and Crystal Lake Park for community runs and walks when not in use for park district events.

To start the rental process, please visit the Phillips Recreation Center, 505 W. Stoughton, Urbana and complete a rental request form.

Things you should know about Urbana Park District rentals:

  1. At least two weeks notice is required for all rentals.
  2. Pavilion rentals require payment in full before rental is final. The registrar at the Phillips Recreation Center will work with you to complete the pavilion rental process. You may complete this process in person at the Phillips Recreation Center or by faxing back a rental form.
  3. You must complete the registration process in person for all facility rentals, as they require completion of additional rental forms. Facility rentals require security and damage deposits to finalize rentals. A facility manager must approve rentals before they are final. Full payment should be made as soon as possible, but must be made by two weeks before the rental date, or you forfeit the rental.