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Rent a Pavilion

Call (217)367-1544
Fax: 367-1592

Reserving your space well in advance gives you a wider choice of dates, times and locations.

Time Slots:



Open mid-April to mid-October
Port-a-potties in off-season at some locations

Regular Season:


Non-Peak Season:

November-March ($50/time slot)


Jean Driscoll Pavilion - $110/time slot

The Jean Driscoll Pavilion is an open-air facility and accommodates up to 120 people. Amenities include a playground, restrooms, large round grill, water fountain, electricity, lights on a timer system, and accessible parking.

Nick Santi Pavilion - $95/time slot

This pavilion offers a large, double barbeque and seating for up to 64. Amenities include electricity, handicapped accessible play features and playground.

Crystal Lake Park

Large Pavilion - $110/time slot

The Large Pavilion is an open-air facility accessible from Park Street and overlooks Crystal Lake. It has seating for groups up to 175. Amenities include a large grill, electricity, water fountain, lights on timers, two horseshoe pits, playground and volleyball area with net. Port-a-potties or portable toilets are available. Parking is easily accessible.

North Woods Pavilion - $85/time slot

The North Woods Pavilion is a shaded outdoor site with barbecue facilities, sand volleyball, electricity, lights on timers, restrooms, seating for up to 48 and nearby parking.

Meadowbrook Park

Garden Pavilion - $95/time slot

Located in the heart of Meadowbrook Park, it is surrounded by hiking trails, re-created prairie, and an organic and herb garden. It has seating for up to 64 people and also includes electricity, water fountain, restrooms, and lights on timers. No grills at this location.

PrairiePlay Pavilion - $85/time slot

This pavilion is adjacent to PrairiePlay playground and can accommodate a group up to 48 people. Other features include electricity, water fountain, restrooms and lights on timers. No grills at this location.

King Park

Jettie Rhodes Pavilion - $95/time slot

This pavilion is perfect for family reunions or other gatherings. It offers seating for up to 64 people and access to grills and seasonal restrooms. Electricity is available. Nearby features include tennis courts, playground equipment and a walking path.

Other available shelters

The following parks have shelters available for free in a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Blair Park
  • Crestview Park
  • Crystal Lake Park
  • King Park
  • Victory Park