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The Urbana Park District, and many of its parks, facilities and natural areas, are the result of the generous support of individuals and organizations who have made gifts to purchase land, develop new or maintain existing features. The quality of Urbana.s parks and facilities is greatly enhanced by this support, and it often makes it possible to provide something the park district could not do on its own.

Outside sources of support often make the difference. If you are interested in finding out more about the needs of the Urbana Park District and how you can help to make an impact on the parks, programs and facilities that our community enjoys, please contact Ellen Kirsanoff, Development Manager for the Urbana Park District, at 367-1536, or by email at

Memorial Tree Program

The Urbana Park District's memorial tree program provides the opportunity to honor a friend, loved one, or special occasion by planting a tree in one of our many parks. What better tribute can one make than to present the community with a growing gift of nature, which will benefit so many people in the future and serve as a living reminder for years to come.

Memorial trees cost $300, and can be planted in parks throughout Urbana. Location for planting is dependent on the approval of Grounds Maintenance staff for site appropriateness. If interested in a memorial tree, please contact Ellen Kirsanoff, Development Manager at 367-1536 or