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Meadowbrook Park

130 acres

Windsor Road and Race Street

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Dawn to dusk

Located in south Urbana along Windsor Road and Race Street, Meadowbrook Park features a farmstead, herb garden, 80 acres of recreated Illinois Tallgrass prairie, the Timpone Ornamental Tree Grove, organic garden plots, a sensory garden, a shade garden, hard and soft walking trails, the District's largest play structure and the Wandell Sculpture Garden.

Prairie Restoration Since 1978, the Urbana Park District, Champaign county Audubon Society and other volunteers have worked to recreate a piece of Illinois native landscape. The prairie restoration project has grown to approximately 30 acres. This project enables visitors to explore and enjoy a part of Illinois natural history. When visiting the park, please respectthe plants and animals that have returned to this natural landscape. Take only memories and photographs and leave only footprints.

Paths and Trails Three miles of hard surface trails make this park ideal for walking, jogging, inline skating and cycling.


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