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Meadowbrook Park Gardens and Features

Windsor Road and Race Street

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Dawn to Dusk

Freyfogle Overlook This wooden structure is a great way see the wide expanse of prairie plants in Meadowbrook. Located in the southeast quadrant of the prairie on the hard path, the overlook mimics the deck of a ship allowing you to see far and wide into an ocean of color and texture. It is handicap accessible.

Timpone Family Ornamental Tree Grove You’ll find the Timpone Family Ornamental Tree Grove south of the farmhouse in Meadowbrook Park. This grove of shrubs and smaller trees was donated by the Ray Timpone Family. It shows off many examples of colorful additions for your home garden. Ornamental trees do not grow as large as others, and so are perfect for planting closer to buildings. They provide interesting shape and color year after year. Each tree is labeled, making it easy to come away with ideas you can use.

Sensory Garden The Sensory Garden in Meadowbrook Park is adjacent to the Herb Garden and corncrib. This is one of the District’s newest gardens, and will continue to evolve in coming years. As its name suggests, it is designed with the senses in mind. You’ll notice texture, shape, sound, smell and surprise are all elements that work together to make a beautiful space.

Wandell Sculpture Garden Since 1998, pieces in the Wandell Sculpture Garden have dotted the paths that wind through Meadowbrook Park’s re-created tallgrass prairie. Works are on loan to the District from the artists, or have been purchased by the district or commissioned and are part of the garden’s permanent collection. New pieces are added regularly to this free outdoor gallery.

Hickman Wildflower Walk The Hickman Wildflower Walk is planted along the path that leads from the Organic Gardens to the small loop in the center of Meadowbrook Park. It was created to feature some of Illinois’ most colorful native wildflowers in honor of Peg Richardson Hickman. The garden comes alive each spring with colorful natives such as Black-Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower and other seasonal wildflowers.

Herb Garden Walk through a variety of herbs to find out what grows well in our area of Illinois. You’ll see herb varieties that are grown for their beauty. The C-U Herb Society tends this garden.

Walker Grove This prairie savanna is a restoration in progress in the 15 southernmost acres of the park. In coming years, a thriving prairie and shrub-land habitat will establish among the eventually immense and wide-spreading oaks that are characteristic of a savanna grove. The Urbana Park District is excited to add this habitat to the re-established prairie and variety of planned gardens.

Windmill Garden Modeled after a kitchen garden you might find at a farmstead, this garden surrounds a restored windmill that is original to the property. Today it is only for looks however, and does not supply water to the park.
Organic Gardens
Area residents may rent plots in the organic gardens located north of the farmstead in Meadowbrook Park. Gardeners provide their own seeds/plants and the park district provides water. Learn more about the gardens by visiting the Anita Purves Nature Center page of this web site.


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